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RJM Complimentary Market Report: How Recruiters Can & Should Add Value To A Companies Hiring Goals

Find Out The 9 Key Ways A Recruiter Can & Should Add Value To A Companies Hiring Goals…Are you Receiving These With Your Current Recruitment Methodologies?

The report will be especially useful for the following groups:

Ø Business owners that want to expand

Ø Country Managers and Senior Managers in large corporations

Ø Human Resource, Talent Acquisition and internal recruitment professionals

Ø A hiring manager who is new to building teams and working with external recruitment partners.

There are many pitfalls when it comes to hiring and this report will highlight the ways a strong recruitment partner can “steer you around the icebergs” and avoid a crash, to name a few:

Even though a candidate performed well in your interviews…

Ø They accept a “last-minute” counter offer and has out your interview process of 3-6 month back to square one.

Ø The candidate leaves inside one year of onboarding before adding any value to your company or the role

Ø The candidate fails to pass their probation due to lacking the fundamental skillsets.

Ø The candidate just doesn’t fit in with the rest of the team, their communication style and culture fit are not in sync

Ø The candidate’s CV contained fake information that you only found out about after hiring them due to reference checks either not being taken correctly if at all

Ø The new hire is unclear on their performance expectations, minimum requirements and general must haves which is a cause for concern

The above crashes = wasted time, money and stress that we could all do without.

All you need to do to receive this RJM report is go to the following link

Fill in your name and email address and type “Please email me a copy of the RJM Market Report- Recruiters Adding Value to Hiring Goals”

Or alternatively email Robert who will be sure to reply to your email with an attached report -

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