In Supply Chain & Management Consultancy Disciplines


Our processes clearly assist both parties in not only making the right hires (clients) and securing the desired career steps (candidates) but also avoiding the pitfalls associated with achieving the above.



RJM solves recruitment problems for clients and assists them to make the right hires and acquire candidates with the right skills to achieve corporate goals

Equally RJM coaches and supports candidates in assisting them to secure their desired next career step

RJM specializes in end to end supply chain industry and management consultancy career opportunities

Pitfalls In The Recruitment Process

Pitfalls in the recruitment process amongst other things cause headaches and stress for clients and candidates costing them time and money. Let us hold your hand and walk you through how to “steer around the following icebergs”. They include but are not limited to...


  • Not being able to identify and attract qualified candidates within their hiring budgets or timeframes.

  • Candidates rejecting good offers of employment to join after both have invested significant time and effort in the interview process.

  • The hired candidate not showing up on their first day of employment having secured another offer and what they perceived to be a better career opportunity.

  • Candidates not living up to performance standards and hence failing their probation period.

  • Candidates not fitting into the organisational culture or management style.

  • Candidates showing a good attitude and team playing skills but missing that “central killer skill set” that makes all the difference to their success in the role.


  • Not fitting into to the clients organisational culture or being comfortable with the management style.

  • Unexpectedly learning inside the first few weeks of on-boarding “next to impossible” performance levels are expected.

  • Not realising the amount of overtime or business travel which strains family and outside of work life.

  • Being “over sold”to about the role during the interview process only to learn that in reality the role is desk bound and mainly admin focused.

  • More than 15 years of living and working experience across APAC(in Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore and Hong Kong)

  • Experienced working for large multinational recruitment firms , spearheading two recruitment start ups from scratch ( Shanghai as a no.2 and Singapore as Country Manager)

  • Educated in Supply Chain & International Logistics at Post Graduate/Masters level (ongoing)

  • Clients and candidates are impressed with the speed and quality of our recruitment service and long term and lasting appointments (please see our testimonials)




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13 years of APAC recruitment experience and over 300 long term placements made

The Founder of RJM & Associates recruitment experience originates and began in Asia with living and working experience in Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore and Hong Kong. This is experience includes working for large multinational recruitment firms, spearheading two recruitment start-ups from scratch (China and Singapore) and owning and running a recruitment franchise.


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