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Shanghai Rising Star Digital Marketing Specialists - Agency & B2B Experienced

Our team are currently representing a portfolio of Shanghai based Digital Marketing Specialists. Candidates have been profiled and are available to interview or hold exploratory discussions.

Candidate ZR 309

  • Bachelor Degree Holder (Major in Japanese)

  • 3 years’ experience in digital marketing field with a technical background engineer

  • Currently working as a Digital Marketing Specialist

  • Acting as bridge between the clients, agencies and internal teams

  • Main duties covering but not limited to account management and optimizing online campaigns through analyzing data and giving advice to clients regarding how to achieve more impressions, more users etc.; planning and creating online campaigns in different platforms

  • Deals with mostly existing clients (Mainland China, global clients) and deals with an average of 10 clients per week

  • Proficient in multiple tracking/ analytical tools, such as GA, Firebase, AppsFlyer

  • Basic knowledge in Photoshop

  • Open-minded, flexible, good communication (fluent in English, Chinese, Japanese)

Candidate ZR 310

  • Master in Industrial Economics

  • Major in Real Estate Management, Minor in Public Relations Management, Bachelor degree

  • 4 years’ experience being a Digital Marketing Specialist

  • Duties covering but not limited to coordinating with media agency, vendors, managing corporate website and executing email marketing campaigns, being in charge of digital marketing campaigns- paid search SEO, SEM or paid media

  • Have to make basic qualifications of customers enquiries and then revert them to internal sales team; would have to clarify details with customers if needed

  • Uses video editing apps on several occasions for their marketing campaigns

  • Did a branding campaign for her company focusing on digital marketing (paid campaigns) to improve brand awareness and connect existing clients Launched in 4 cities and developed over 200 attendees for their Shanghai based event

  • Experience in doing cold calls and door-to-door visits to look for potential merchants

  • Skilled in Eloqua, Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, Baidu Tongji etc.

  • Stable, good English communication

Feel free to reach out to learn more about how this candidate can add value to your business.

Sheila Marie Hui

Consultant- Supply chain and Commercial

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