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RJM IS A Retainer Only Recruitment Firm

RJM has made the decision to only take on retained recruitment assignments moving forward. For a number of years RJM has taken on a 50/50 ratio of contingency/ retained assignments

Just to confirm:

A contingency assignment in the recruitment world is when a hiring company may use one or as many external recruiters as they wish to work on a position they are recruiting for. Payment should be agreed for example a recruitment fee in the form of a % and paid once the candidate has onboarded. This is opportunistic recruitment , should a candidate come along a recruiters desk at the right time or should the right CV be found by coincidence in a job the recruiter will scurry to present the candidate to the hiring company before any or their competitors or in-house recruitment teams do. Active Jon seeker focused with limited recruitment methodologies.

Retained assignments is when a hiring company select one specialist recruitment firm to exclusively work on a position and to carry out a search. A commitment fee is paid to the recruiter in advance with the remainder once the candidate has onboarded. Tailored headhunting service to approach non-active jobseekers on the hiring companies behalf.

RJM is opting for a retained only approach as it gives us the opportunity to better serve our clients and candidates for actually the same fee.

Due to the fact the global supply chain talent pool has become ever more pressed (generally more specialist roles than qualified candidates available) contingency recruitment will not produce the desired results of the hiring company. There are so many better working arrangements than a contingency assignments for hiring companies, candidates and recruiters.

The benefits of an RJM retainer

Firstly, RJM only take on retained assignments we know we can fill. We will not take a payment from a client on a role that we are not sure is possible to fill. Therefore, we have a 100 percent fill rate

Tailored Search Partnering Our Research Centre...

We work in tandem with our research centre designing a tailored headhunting program to identify and attract non- active job seekers to our clients business - these are candidates rarely if ever on the job boards or working with other recruiters which provides our client with a competitive advantage.

RJM Only Works For The Client That HAs Retained Us Giving Them First Priority...

Exclusive partnership , we present candidate profiles not cvs written in alignment to our client's requirements and only send to them not their competitors.

We pay attention to candidate culture fit, reporting line and not just hard skill sets

Candidates Prefer Being Approached By Retained Recruiters & Our Client Standout in The Market...

Candidates prefer being approached by one recruiter to discuss a career opportunity. This is more professional than being approached by several recruiters for the same or similar role and lacks care and damages the hiring companies reputation.

Simple Fixed Fee Pricing...

RJM presents a fixed fee pricing system with zero hidden fees so clients can forecast and control their costs and need not worry about our fee when it comes to brokering a candidate offer. This arrangement is cheaper than a contingency and we ask for a proportion of this fee to be paid in advance as we work daily to scan the market for your desired candidate.

Deadlines Are Set in Our Agreement.. Commits to search deadlines – RJM produces the first 3-5 candidate profiles inside the first 3-4 weeks from commencing the assignment – we commit to this speed and is highlighted in our agreement

Hiring Companies Need Their Employment Brands Promoted Like Never Before... Promotes our client’s employment brand to the desired talent pool – this is something job boards can’t reach, and many recruiters can’t be bothered to do. Promoting our client’s employment brand comes much better from a neutral party such as RJM (rather than direct which can be seen as bias) and assists our clients to win the war on talent and offers a competitive advantage. This is a great recruitment long term strategy.

RJM retainers is particular good for starts ups or mid-sized supply chain businesses that are in high growth mode and need a tailored service, more quality, guidance and consultation on recruitment.

The drawbacks of using contingency

Limited Recruitment Methodologies Are Utilised...

Recruiters on a contingency generally only use job boards and their databases to source candidates both of which are active candidates and easy to find for a quick deal.

A Game of Speed Lacking Quality...

Because there is no commitment fee , contingency recruiters rush the process and are all about speed lacking quality because they need to get paid and hit their placement and revenue targets

Hiring Companies Only Get Access To Active Job Seekers Online & Miss Out On A Whole World of Talent...

Some hiring companies think using multiple recruiters at the same time is an effective recruitment strategy. But actually the opposite is normally true. For example recruiters will just race against each other to throw a CV in with little due diligence operating on the job boards , no time to headhunt non-active jobseekers so the hiring company misses out on a whole world of talent and only get presented with Candidates that are available online.

Short-Term Focused with No Extra Mile...

Just think about it for a second, if you were a contingency recruiter competing in a game of speed against 2 or 3 competitors , would you go the extra mile for your client or just do the bare minimum to ensure you get paid as quickly as possible? Would you be interested in the long term and overall quality of the placement and if the candidate was able to fit in and create results or just focus on getting the candidate onboarded by good interviewing?

The irony is RJM's fixed fee is the same price as a contingency and our clients get so much more value and due diligence and high quality placements where both parties (our clients and candidates) do great work together and achieve results...We demand exclusivity and a commitment fee to be payed upfront and then we will do the rest to ensure our client's achieve their hiring goals.... check out our testimonials

Reach out for a call to discuss...

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