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Importance of Warehousing in Supply Chains

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Warehousing is finally getting more and more credit for the important role it plays in the supply chain and has played a pivotal role during the pandemic. From needing the correct space & storing , temperature requirements to adhering to labelling for legal compliance in different parts of the world to battling for on-time deliveries for wholesalers, retailers and final consumers . Pre-pandemic warehousing was under appreciated but now the importance of warehousing is coming to the surface for all stakeholders to see. Warehousing is indeed a very detailed and complex process. From achieving the right flow of products entering and leaving the warehouse facility yet still having to maintain flexibility to make changes is a difficult balance to achieve. Other factors that must be considered include location of the warehouse, warehouse design, layout and engineering. Storage facilities, and of course software required to power the whole operation. All of which is dependent on the team of employees running the show and the types of commodities the warehouse is designed to handle.

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