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An Important Note on RJM Work Arrangements & Fees

Work Process

The candidate summaries on our website blog are of real-life people that we have actually interviewed, they are not made up for branding purposes. If we market a candidate to you that you would like to interview, we will:

Ask to arrange a 20-minute call with you to enable us to understand your hiring goals, to ask questions about your company (if we have not partnered before) and to learn about your interview process. We will then set up a call with the candidate (who we are already in touch with and have built a relationship with), should they be interested we will present the candidates full profile to you and set up an interview at both of your convenience. This is of course after we have agreed and signed off on contingency recruitment terms. During this first call, of course we are here to address any questions you have.

Contingency Recruitment Terms – Not Searches

If you discuss a role with us and if possible, we will send you the closest available candidate or candidates from our portfolio. This is not a search and again contingency recruitment terms, and conditions will need to apply. RJM doesn’t agree to 1 month of the candidate’s salary or anything below 22 percent of the candidate’s guaranteed annual income. We will tell you straight and politely decline partnering. This is because RJM candidates are sourced from our private network built over the last 16 years, are screened, prepped and debriefed in a detailed fashion. Our candidates are not sourced from job boards ever. This means we present hiring companies with candidates they will find very hard, if possible at all, to access and this combined with our interview, prepping and debriefing process results in long term and sustainable placements offering hiring companies a competitive advantage by partnering with RJM. Much higher quality of work compared to a quick fix from a job board.

Communicating with candidates re CV duplication and previous interview history

RJM will always check the with the candidate that they have not sent their CV to the hiring company or previously interviewed to save everyone time and stress regarding candidate duplication – something we could all do without I’m sure you will agree. Therefore, candidate profiles are sent after terms are agreed and sent out in a targeted way, we do not "machine gun"candidate profiles out mindlessly

RJM Retainers & What’s good about them?

Unlike the contingency these are full searches

Commits to search deadlines – RJM produces the first 3-5 candidate profiles inside the first 3-4 weeks from commencing the assignment – we commit to this speed and is highlighted in our agreement with you

Candidates are thoroughly screened, met in person and profiled in alignment to your requirements

Exclusive arrangement – we only present candidate profiles to our retained client and not their competitors

Fixed fee pricing (and no hidden costs) – we offer our retained clients cost effective fixed fee pricing – this arrangement is cheaper than a contingency and we ask for a proportion of this fee to be paid in advance as we work daily to scan the market for your desired candidate.

Promotes your employment brand to the desired talent pool – this is something job boards can’t reach, and many recruiters can’t be bothered to do. Promoting your employment brand comes much better from a neutral party like RJM and helps you to win the war on talent and offers a competitive advantage. This is a great recruitment long term strategy.

Last year over 90 per cent of our work was retained, you can check our client testimonials. RJM retainers is our flagship product and preferred way of partnering clients.

To summarise, RJM is not a “CV slinger” or recruitment vendor. We act as a business partner for clients and candidates which requires frequent communication and professional working process. If you think our job is to only send you CVs best to continue with your current recruitment methodologies and we wish you all the best. If you are experiencing recruitment headaches and find the above interesting we are here to help to explore how we can add value to your hiring calls…book a call with us ….

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