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Warehousing Challenges Presented By Covid-19

Following discussions with RJM clients and candidates in the Hong Kong & APAC Warehousing space many have shared the following challenges the industry has experienced due to Covid-19

Warehouses have experienced:

  • Excess inventory due to being unable to ship out

  • Depleted inventory due to being unable to receive incoming shipments

  • The need to anticipate & cope with erratic consumer behavior including unprecedented demand in some industries and severely reduced in others

  • Continued social distancing for the long term

  • Keeping more inventory on hand

  • Increased use of warehouse automation

  • Opting more for smaller decentralized warehouse locations

  • Shorter warehousing & 3 PL contracts

  • Growth of eCommerce

Difficult and complex challenges are certainly being faced and warehouse business need to be at their most organized and planned for uncertainty, robust, change embracing and well managed than ever before.

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