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UK Supply Chain Manager Pharmaceutical Team Leader, Process Improver & Cost Savings Driver

Our RJM team interviewed the following candidate last week.

Candidate ZR_04032022 -

  • Managed teams of 15 employees although worked as an Individual contributor for the last 3 years demonstrating hands on ability and leading project teams through matrixes and therefore managing by influence and leadership opposed to just title

  • Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Cold Chain business vertical experience

  • Supply Chain Modes: Include Airfreight, Sea freight, Warehousing for cold chain applications

  • Handled a GBP 4M per annum warehousing Account and GBP 2 M Transport contract

  • Products experience includes pharmaceutical specialist products for enzymes, OTC Kidney and Blood Disorders

  • Stable and loyal performer having worked for the same employer through mergers

  • Suffolk based, available for travel, hybrid and flexible. Available immediately

The candidate is motivated by patient care and ensuring supply chains are effective and sustainable enough to ensure OTDs take place and enhance healthcare services for those in need. This has seen the candidate challenged by 2 hour leads times across 10 countries. The candidate has handled end to end supply chain modes not limited to pick and pack, vans, lorries. Unfortunately, due to EU restructuring the candidate was retrenched last December and is available to explore career opportunities at this time.

Reach out to view the candidate's full RJM profile and tor range an interview -

Robert Maguire Founder,

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