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UK Head of Food Supply Chain - Data & SOP Implementation Specialist, Collaborator & Team Builder

RJM recently interviewed the following UK based candidate:

Candidate 19072023

  • Bachelor Degree Holder - BSc

  • Over 20 years of purchasing experience

  • End to end supply chain experienced specialising in industries including food products such as sandwiches and salads handling 12 M SKUs per week requiring short shelve life & temperature control

  • Operated in MNC supply chain businesses commanding GBP 100 M and 7 factories

  • US & EU market & stakeholder management experienced

  • Trained in data analytics and using data to build supply chain systems building IVP and SOP processes therefore continuous improvement and implementation experienced

  • Native UK professional

The candidate is motivated by a Head or Supply Chain Director role for a business that needs expanding, building from scratch or already set up and needing improvement. Demonstrated a fantastic approach to complex high pressure supply chains & change management

Reachout to Robert to learn more about how this candidate could potentially add value to your business -

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