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UK E-commerce Logistics Manager Interviewed By RJM

Candidate 24012023

The candidate was recently interviewed and is currently available to explore career opportunities having turned down a relocation opportunity (due to family reasons) with his previous employer after 4 years of UK and overseas service. He is motivated to land a UK based career opportunity in supply chain

  • Bachelor’s degree Holder

  • Managed teams in the UK, Hong Kong and US

  • 12 years of career experience in supply chain covering e-commerce, warehouse and distribution, sea freight and airfreight

  • Spearheaded operations start up for a global supply chain business responsible for carrier contract management, delivery, 3 PL and warehousing resulting in GBP 3 M net profit

  • Occupied E-commerce Logistics Manager for customers representing products including general retail, e-bikes, parcels, x-ray and scanning equipment handling shipment customs and distribution

  • Managed over 20 tonnes of parcels logistics per day

  • Handled 3-5 project at any one-time managing supply chain businesses consisting of teams of 150 employees responsible for sales, marketing, finance, operations and admin

  • UK citizen and North-West based -available for travel

The candidate can be described as an experienced and senior operations, key account manager and team leader. He has developed a track record demonstrating good leadership and customer facing effectiveness using his operational expertise to support commercial teams to win new and repeat business. The candidate has the unique experience of setting up businesses, offices & distribution centres and facilities in UK, Hong Kong and US

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