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Supply Chain Challenges Faced in the Pharmaceutical & Related Industries

Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Challenges Faced By Company Executives

The pharmaceutical space is a highly complex industry presenting company executives responsible for supply chains with many challenges. This includes a greater requirement for compliance, ever changing regulations, supply chain speed and visibility.

The above are broad factors for companies already operating in pharmaceutical supply chain specialization. But for those Third-Party logistic firms planning to enter this business vertical there are many boxes that they need to tick first. Specialized certificates, licenses as well as warehouse facilities which comply with industry regulations are needed to allow business operations to proceed. Third Party logistics players wanting to compete in this space will need to make significant investments in terms of time and money without seeing a financial return likely for at least 3 years. Therefore, deep pockets and patience is needed. Even when all the above are in place customers are more careful than ever which Third Party Logistics partners that entrust their supply chain needs to. Often potential customers will require at least a solid track record of handling supply chain assignments with their specific product range.

Therefore, hiring the right talent for companies already operating in pharmaceutical logistics or planning to build an offering to customers is vitally important. Recruitment and identifying and attracting the right talent is critical in this specialized and competitive space. Apart from the obvious requirement - X amount of years of experience occupying a supply chain role in this complex industry, other candidate softer skills will be required that are often difficult to measure during an interview. The following candidate character traits are now becoming the standard in pharmaceutical and healthcare logistics due to the rapid changes , chaos and overall volatility

Problem solving ability

Non-traditional mindset towards supply chain and logistics

Outside of the box thinking

Thrives on innovation

Logical thinking

Fast paced approach to work

Customer orientated

Ego in check

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