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Singapore Based Candidates of the week.Business Development/Supply Chain Healthcare & Medical Device

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Currently our team are representing a portfolio of pre-screened Singapore based candidates with Business Development & Supply Chain industry experience in the Healthcare & Medical Devices Space.

Please see below.

Candidate ZR_284

  • Masters in Management Studies

  • Bachelor of Science

  • Achieved 100% of top line budget of SGD 25 M inside one year through new business development and key account management

  • Set up Warehouses for MNC healthcare products and equipment manufacturers requiring cold chain and temperature control comprising of 180,000 sq ft.

  • Singapore based

  • Native Indian professional

The candidate is motivated by a client facing Business Development/Strategy role ideally operating inside industries he is experienced in namely healthcare or related. The candidate thrives on both developing new business from scratch and key account management. A significant key achievement of the candidate is successfully achieving his personal revenue targets year on year for the last 15 years making him results focused.

Candidate ZR_199

  • Master of Business Administration

  • Bachelor of Science & Economics

  • Advanced Certificate in Marketing

  • 20 years of end to end supply chain experience in the APAC FMCG industry. Most of the candidates experience and strength lies in warehouse operations & planning.

  • Managed 3 Hong Kong based warehouses requiring frequent travel to Hong Kong (every 2 months) specializing in medical devices, cosmetic, healthcare and semi-conductors. Annual revenues if USD 380 M. Total business revenue of USD 1 B.

  • Experienced in managing both manual and automated warehouses

  • Worked in matrix organizational structures officially managing over 20 employees

  • More than 5 years of experience delivering to Hong Kong & Macau retailers requiring 24-hour lead times.

  • Native Singaporean, fluent English & Cantonese language ability (during previous role would communicate with warehouse workers in Cantonese.

To learn more about how these candidates can add value to your business and to see their RJM candidate profiles please reach out to Robert Maguire on

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