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RJM Can Provide Supply Chain Businesses with Competitive Advantages in the Hiring Arena…

Our RJM Market Map Recruitment Product Provides Our Clients With:

  • A cost effective tool in the form of a fixed fee so costs are forecasted (we do require an initiation fee as a sign of commitment).

  • Exclusive project where we build a database of talent updated and presented to you every 2 weeks

  • The database is yours to keep and has no expiration date

  • Proactive approach to recruitment where you have non -active job seekers access whenever you have a hiring need saving you months in the hiring process and staying ahead of the competition

  • Especially effective for client's with supply chain local hiring needs in Hong Kong and Singapore with smaller population and slimmer talent pools to target.

For a discussion and to start designing your RJM Market Map reach out to Robert. Founder & Managing Director

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