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RJM & Associates Limited Can Build Up Your Future Talent Pipeline

Hope you are well.

The most successful companies and managers are known to take the proactive rather than a reactive approach even during down markets.

I am attaching a short video to explain one of RJM & Associates Limited recruitment products we are currently releasing to a select number of clients only.

An RJM Mapping Service is a useful tool that will provide our clients with competitive advantage in terms of building talent pipelines for the future cost effectively.

For example

Our team search against certain criteria you can select including candidate skill sets, geography and industry respectively

Our team will generate candidate C.Vs – turn them into profiles (by holding in depth candidate interviews) against criteria you can again select.

Candidate profiles along with search reports are sent to you exclusively every week.

We can reach out and cherry pick candidates on your behalf when you are ready to hire again – no candidate expiry date.

The candidates will be personally headhunted by our team and cannot be found on job boards or most recruiter databases. This is because they are non-active job seekers (the best candidates who have not been looking for a career change for several years as they have been too busy and engaged in their current role).

An RJM Mapping Service will allow you to have a profile list of these top performing candidates which will give you a strong advantage over your competition inside the recruitment arena. But you need to start the process now and plant the seeds.

RJM Mapping Service is a far more cost-effective solution than using multiple recruiters on a typical contingency project all at the same time who generally all use job boards as their main recruitment methodology. This is because this is an easier option for recruiters as candidates on job boards have already made a decision they want to make a career change. Easier as it may be, it doesn’t really add any real value to our client’s recruitment activities.

Let’s arrange a call to discuss and learn about what may work for you and how we can provide you with competitive advantage.

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