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Recent Heavy Equipment Assignments Completed By RJM

Short Case Study

RJM have recently solved several recruitment challenges for a global Heavy equipment manufacturer, a prestige global brand that we have partnered and retained by since 2012 completing difficult to and hard to fill roles

Challenges Faced During This Search

  • Unique candidate requirements in a geographic location where the talent pool is slim

  • Although competitive salaries are offered by our client but not as lucrative as hiring companies located in “High Tech and Semi Conductor industries also pursuing the same talent pool offering 25/30 percent salaries above normal market rate

  • Gen-Y and younger groups no longer have the desire to work in conditions required of a Service Manager hence the slim talent pool

  • Transformation element to this role - changes needed to be made by the successful candidate to our clients service department , not a popular role for candidates but super essential to our clients business!

  • Finding a candidate that has the right blend of technical ability but also leadership and communication talent to command the respect of the team they will manage (an already established and experienced team)

  • Our client is a successful global firm but still quite small in the targeted geographic location

  • International reporting line so English ability is essential

  • Stable CVs only accepted - for example at least 4 plus years with current and previous employers

Literally impossible for our clients in-house recruiters or contingency recruiters to source candidates for an interview by using there databases or Jos boards - candidate CVs previously presented were too far away from prerequisite expectations and required personalities

Advantages RJM Have Provided

  • Designed and implemented a tailored headhunting program with our research centre allowing us to talk to candidates on the following topics including

  • Promoted our clients Unique Selling Points , discussing culture fit, reporting line, career development opportunities,  our clients brand and cutting edge technology

  • Presented over 5 candidate profiles inside the first 6 weeks of the search to allow interviews and comparisons

  • Comprehensive prepping and debriefing of candidate pre and post interview to understand feedback, navigate around potential challenges ensuring both parties are happy and informed adding quality to the interview process

  • Brokering offers of employment taking pressure off both parties and consulting on fair competitive levels of compensation

  • Conducting reference checks

  • Negotiating start dates that are agreeable and realistic for both parties


  • Placed Service Manager on time and within budget

  • Placed Sales Manager on time and within budget

  • Both roles open and unsuccessfully filled for over 9 months

  • Both candidates have 15 plus years of experience and performance track results our client desires

RJM have been retained to solve the following recruitment headaches and placed candidates in the following roles: for heavy equipment clients

  • Country Managing Directors

  • Sales Managers

  • Operations Managers

  • Project Managers

  • Head of Engineering


South Korea, Mainland China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand

Reach out for a call to discuss how we can replicate these results into your hiring goals

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