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Overseas Business Development Heavy Machinery Candidate

Our team is currently representing an experienced Overseas Business Development professional in the heavy machinery industry- cranes/ AWP. He is available to hold exploratory discussions and discuss how he can add value to your business.

Candidate ZR_319

  • University of Warwick (UK)- Bachelor of Computer and Management Science

  • More than 10 years Business development and sales experience in the heavy machinery industry dealing with various heavy equipment products- mobile cranes, crawler cranes, tower cranes, AWP products, flooring laser screed machines

  • Overseas market focused- Europe (UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany), USA, Australia, SEA (Cambodia, Pakistan, India) with domestic China market (Central and Southern China) experience

  • Handled 50-100 clients in the heavy machinery industry- both end-users and dealers

  • Thorough understanding and experience in dealing with dealers in Europe and Australia

  • Before 2008 financial crisis, achieved 100 million RMB a year for cranes for European market with his team of 3

  • Achieved 20-40 million RMB a year in the Australian market

  • Changed Australian dealer after their reputation is damaged and his company retained the new one for 10 years

  • Mobile cranes 30-70 tons per unit, crawler cranes are around 260 tons per unit

  • Expanded market share- from less than 5 units in China to more than 800 in 5 years’ time

  • Fluent English ability

  • Entrepreneur mindset

To learn more about how our candidates can add value to your business and to see their RJM candidate profile please reach out to Sheila Marie Hui at

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