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One Sided Romance

During these challenging times we are seeing many projects, deals and contracts put on hold , cancelled or delayed. It is looking like China is coming back to pre-Covid-19 levels, but for the rest of us around the world everything is on-hold. Regarding recruitment assignments, I have heard many friends around the industry who have had cancellations or postponements of assignments here in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and the UK.

For those experienced recruiters who have been rainmaking for their employers (recruitment agencies) and making profits it is a good time to reflect. How are your employers behaving to the Covid-19 situation and general business breakdown? Are they panicking? Putting on the thumb screws? Slashing your working week and cutting your monthly income (which let’s face it is likely to be a draw that you have to pay back anyway right?). Now these things do happen, it is apart of life but if you are working for a recruitment company that is always promoting their company’s family culture and proclaiming to present their employees with a stable platform and sticking with them through thick and thin, you may want to start understanding the situation as a one-sided romance. Do bear in mind, this message is only for solid recruitment performers, those who work hard and consistently give their clients and candidates and employers dedication and value. Those who go all out to make positive placements happen and have good consistent track records. The bottom line is those recruiters that achieve these things and make money for their employers should be treated like the gold. They normally comprise of 20 per cent of the team and carry the remaining 80 percent and are super stars.

If you have a good track record as a 360-degree recruiter and aren’t happy working for someone else it is time to break out on your own. You will make more money, have more time for yourself, less stress, enjoy your work and be able to design the life that you want. Equally this will see you giving an outstanding service to clients and candidates and see you operate and serve them at your best. The industry needs you and the best version of yourself!

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