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Mining Commodity Professional. Business Development, Consulting & South America Market Experienced

RJM recently interviewed the following candidate who is available to explore full-time, part-time , contract or short term employment. The candidate began his career in engineering and mine feasibility and has spent the last 10 years occupying commercial and revenue generating roles. The candidate is motivated to continue working inside the mining industry.

To briefly summarize

  • Master or Engineering

  • MBA

  • Bachelor Degree of Mining

  • More than 20 years of career experience covering mining engineering, business development and consulting experience

  • Latin America mining consultancy, report and subscription experienced achieving 20 percent revenue growth to GBP 300,000 per annum

  • Worked on engineering projects earlier in his career valued at USD 2 Billion

  • Built customer portfolios consisting of miners, producers, banks, financial houses to over 5000 customer business cards

  • Presented at industry trade shows on aluminum, bauxite, lithium batteries,

  • Conducted feasibility studies for internal teams and external customer groups throughout the South America region

  • Fluent Portuguese, Spanish & English language ability

  • South America based

To view the candidate's full RJM profile reach out to Robert, Founder & Managing Director -

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