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Mid-Level China Metals & Mining Commodity Analysts – Domestic & International Project Experienced

Our team are currently representing a portfolio of China Metals & Mining Management Consultancy professionals. Candidates have been profiled and are available to interview or hold exploratory discussions.

Candidate ZR_1

  • Majored in Tourism English

  • Worked for the same employer since 2013 as a Senior Analyst and now Pricing Manager

  • Experienced in attending conferences and speaking at global industry events

  • Attending client visits every quarter operating in steel mills & banking sectors

  • Conducted lithium, cobalt and battery market studies in her current role

  • Native Chinese professional based in Shanghai

Candidate ZR_2

  • Master of Petroleum Engineering

  • Bachelor of Engineering Naval Architecture with Ocean Engineering

  • Conducted Research Analysis since 2012

  • Focused on 3 research projects & working with 40 companies globally in refinery and non refinery sectors

  • Presented at conferences at least 3 times per year

  • Developed good relationships with senior managers for his employers in China, US & Singapore

  • The candidate’s previous roles saw his whole oil team closed down and his current employer’s role sees him operate more from desk bound so therefore the candidate wants to be closer and more hands on in the market.

  • Native Chinese Professional based in Singapore

To learn more about how these candidates can add value to your business and to see an RJM full candidate profile feel free to reach out to Robert –

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