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MEWP/AWP Overseas Sales Specialist China Based- Developed over 100 Oversea Customers

Our team are currently representing a Sales Professional with extensive overseas experience in the heavy machinery industry- MEWP/ AWP and Petroleum equipment. He is available to interview or hold exploratory discussions.

To briefly summarize:

  • Over 10 years’ experience of international sales & marketing activity, market analysis and sales team management

  • Currently at a US-based heavy machinery manufacturer focusing on US market, handling MEWP products- slab scissors lifts, booms

  • Currently have 100 customers in the US market (small to medium rental companies)

  • Involved in product development communication, ANSI 92.20 certificate acquiring.

  • Traveled extensively in the US for relation building with customers, full comprehensive understanding of the USA MEWP market trends and projection

  • Previous experience in Petroleum equipment manufacturing with a focus in European markets and South America

  • Set up and manage the branch company for petroleum equipment in Romania, responsible of all company activities. Annual sales performance over USD 9 Million in 2017

  • Great English communication and cultural sensitivity by working in 20 countries and in multi-cultural working background

Feel free to reach out to learn more about how this candidate can add value to your business.

Sheila Marie Hui

Consultant- Supply chain and Commercial

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