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RJM Candidate of the Week - London based Metals and Mining Equity Professional

Our team are currently representing an investment professional with extensive experience in gold, copper, zinc, mineral sands, nickel, coal and iron ore

Candidate ZR_970

  • Master of Science in Management

  • Level 2 CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst)

  • CISI Level 3 Certificate in Securities (includes FSA Financial Regulation and Securities exams)

  • 8 years of coordinating gold, copper, zinc, mineral sands, nickel, coal, iron ore investment deals focusing on European, Africa & Asia markets

  • More than 5 years of writing reports and sector commentaries

  • Thrives on working under pressure and meeting deadlines within unpredictable schedule.

  • Developed more than 15 companies under coverage including producers and developers in Gold, Copper, Fertilizer, Coal and Mineral Sands

  • Based in the UK since 2012

  • Fluent English speaking professional

To learn more about how these candidates can add value to your business and to see an RJM full candidate profile feel free to reach out to Robert –

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