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Its Great To Learn...

Overall, it was a pleasant experience studying at Hong Kong University Space from 2018-2020. A part time Post Graduate Diploma in International Logistics and Supply Chain Management was completed.

Having lived in Asia since 2004 this was my first official education course since graduating in Business & Management at Sheffield Hallam, UK in 2003. The styles and teaching methods experienced were different which gave me a new perspective on learning and how different continents have different cultures towards learning.

The lecturers who taught our classes were really approachable and positive to be around. In addition to their academic expertise they also had very strong senior management experience in the supply chain industry. Therefore, they could apply theory to practical real-life case studies. This was great as most if not all students were working in the supply chain industry.

A variety of modules were completed including:

General Management and Current Issues for Supply Chain.

International Trade, Procurement and Logistics.

Research and Information Management.

Global Supply Chain and Logistics Management.

Operations and Strategy.

e-Commerce and e-Logistics.

The above were good topics for me to cover and learn as it gave me a greater appreciation towards the challenges our clients face in the world of supply chain and to have a better understanding of the important roles our candidates play and the skillsets they display.


What I learned is how valuable taking courses are. I think it is definitely a great investment to be upgrading and experiencing challenges. It is so easy to just to go through the motions (as I did as it is the first course I have enrolled on for 17 years!). Everyone is really busy with their careers, work, families and doing their best to keep up in the fast-paced world we live in. Even so, finding the time (or making the time) is definitely a great investment. This is because mentally it is really easy to plateau. Engaging definitely leads to a sense of achievement.

Speaking with candidates…

I have spoken with many candidates over the years discussing their CVs. Many have self-funded part time courses such as Master Degrees, MBAs, Bachelor Degrees and many more. I always make a point to ask them to share their experience with me on how they managed their time to juggle part time education with family and work responsibilities. Not surprisingly , even though the challenge is great , I have always received positive feedback from candidates and am glad I listened and took their advice to enroll at HKU Space..

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Congratulations Robert!

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