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International Contract Logistics Senior Manager: A- Player in Sales, Operations and Team Management

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

The candidate is a European internationalist with 12 years of experience living and working in Vietnam running a mid-sized contract logistics business for an MNC.

The candidate commenced his career selling contract logistics solutions to customers before moving into senior management. Today as a senior manager he is super hands on and thrives on communication directly with customers to solve their complex logistics challenges

To briefly summarise:

  • Masters Degree holder

  • Currently managing a contract logistics businesses of 300 employees consisting of commercial and operational managers, warehouse operatives and workers

  • Handled complex sales situations in cycles consisting of 12 months

  • Managed enterprise and key accounts of USD 15 M per annum revenues

  • Managed contract logistics offering for customers operating in vertical including electronics, technology, retail , e-commerce fmcg, food and beverages

  • 12 years living and working experience in Vietnam and available to relocate

  • Fluent English language ability

The candidate has the unique experience of commencing his career in contract logistics sales before moving into senior management where he is hands on with key account management, operations and team management. He is hands on and known to visit warehouses and speak with colleagues to understand the challenges and discuss solutions. The candidate is a collaborator and enjoys working with a variety of stakeholders. He also has the experience of working for different company cultures and reporting lines so is open minded an culturally aware.

Reach out to Robert to discus how this candidate can add value to your contract logistics capability

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