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Information is Power via An RJM Market Study!

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

Global talent pools are becoming thinner and more and more scarce .. what will happen to your business when you can no longer attract the required talent to your door as they are choosing alternative employment options?

RJM has been releasing individual and exclusive tailored market studies aimed at the following hiring companies

These market studies empower hiring companies with a distinct competitive advantage gathering the following information about their space. Below are several brief examples

  • Salary breakdowns of desired candidate talent pools - for example an Airfreight Manager with 10 years of Third-Party logistics and team management experience. Alternatively hiring companies have approached us to collect salary samples of Service Manager and Engineers with specific industry experience in specific geographical locations.

  • What are your competitors paying and how are they breaking down remuneration packages? How are you stacking up? Over paying? Under paying ? Are you missing an employment benefit that is valued so highly by your desired talent pool?

  • What is the market saying about your company and what impressions are being formed? Will this harm you in the future or how can you address it now to ensure you have healthy access to the right talent?

  • General market information including candidate motivations for seeking a new role, what is happening in terms of popular products , services, challenges being faced , how your competitors cultures are being described or sampling a specific function of candidates and the variable bonuses they have received or what portion of their package they value the most - you could be surprised by the answers we hear!

Benefits Presented

The world is becoming a smaller place and global talent pools becoming  scarce and thinner then ever before. Simply put qualified candidates have more career choices than ever before and are highly sought after. Therefore hiring companies need to position themselves better and be more informed than ever before about their targeted talent pools. Todays talent pool market is unforgiving and not a place for ill informed companies trying to achieve hiring goals without relevant or recent facts and data.

  • Producing 1st time offers to candidates that are competitive and likely to be accepted therefore onboarding happy candidates

  • Building retention plans so hiring companies reduce staff turnover and keep their best performers

  • Keeping hiring companies updated and current

  • The above contribute towards forming a healthy employment brand occupying a healthy space in the minds of highly sought after candidates !

How It Works

Contact us for a free and confidential consultation so we can learn about the type of information you require. Our team will then design a market study and make a simple proposal to you.

  • Fixed fee and competitive pricing with an upfront payment

  • 3 week turnaround

  • Market Study only sent to the respective client and is therefore 100 percent exclusive

  • RJM only take on assignments we know we can deliver on

Who RJM Have Produced Market Studies for in 2023

  • Middle sized Third-Party logistics firms

  • In-house supply chain business

  • Sheet metal machinery manufacturers

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