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How Seriously Are Companies Taking Supply Chain Risk?

Companies do not appear to have dedicated professionals or teams specializing in Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) projects.More a case of everyone in the supply chain team makes a minimal contribution towards SCRM if and when asked. Dedicated specialization to SCRM is required and lacking. Will we see a new hiring trend after the affects of COVID-19?

Is SCRM taken seriously ? At RJM we are surprised to learn that many companies have no idea where their Tier 2&3 suppliers are even located let alone how competent they are. Unforced errors and a casual approach can lead to unnecessary supply chain disruptions and breakdowns. In addition it takes longer for supply chains to bounce back after breakdowns have been experienced (supply chain resilience ).

In today's volatile world we need a professional or team of professionals always on SCRM. Proactive not reactive mindsets dedicated to SCRM activities are needed now more than ever...

Thoughts and opinions highly welcome ....

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