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Hong Kong Based APAC Supply Chain Manager Recognised as "International Transport Expert"

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Candidate 03042023

  • Bachelor of Arts - Industrial Goods Sales

  • Diploma Holder

  • Managed teams of 5 employees and delivered group training on logistics

  • Secured costs of 40% through cargo transportation optimisation.

  • Saved costs of €1.8M in first two years through reorganisation of 3PL and carriers

  • Expanded and strengthened overseas agent network (seven new agents) to ensure successful business growth.

  • Reduced purchasing costs by 35% on air freight through process improvement.

  • Acquired and managed 25 new accounts.

  • Succeeded in managing 70 accounts to ensure client satisfaction.

  • Enhanced turnover by HKD20M, improved gross profit by over 80%, and achieved operating results by more than 350% for Europe-China route.

  • Increased importation turnover trade by 50%.

  • Native French speaker and fluent English language ability

  • Hong Kong PR Holder with 15 years of living and working experience in Hong Kong

The candidate stood out in our interview and has a unique and diverse career experience. This includes managing APAC supply chain from Hong Kong but also covering Egypt, Turkey, Ukraine and Georgia. He has end to end supply chain experience with a particular career focus on sea freight containers but has had success in other supply chain modes including airfreight and general transportation.

The candidate is autonomous and thrives on responsibility demonstrated by spearheading cost savings for his current employer. Exhibited a combination of strong commercial, operational and leadership qualities. He has also shown good stability and worked for his current employer for almost 6 years.

To learn more about how this candidate can add value to your business reach out to Robert -

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