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Covid-19 has presented global challenges across all areas regarding health, business economies and finances, social and many more.

Even so, the lock downs, self-quarantining , social distancing and generally staying in have presented a number of advantages. Not ideal but lets look on the bright side if we are fortunate enough to say we have stayed healthy thus far. This period of time will provide us with a number of opportunities and benefits such as:

Not having to commute to work everyday has been time saving

Cooking and eating healthier options at home and saving money from not eating out at restaurants as much

Feeling a sense of gratitude for having a roof over our heads and good health .At the end of the day, I still see the same homeless faces occupying the same areas as they were when I first moved here 4 years ago.

A chance to slow down a bit and reflect , its not going to hurt and we don't have to run around 100 KMPH 100 per cent of the time yet... we can still be productive with our work from home without consuming so much unneeded energy and resources.

More time to keep our homes tidy

Walking our dogs more which is good exercise for all

Having access to technology that allows us to keep in touch with family and friends, client and candidates ,read books and more at the touch of a button

I think about what our Grandparents went through during the second world war (watch the Piers Morgan rant on You Tube, is so true). These guys were tough and resilient, we must learn from them. In comparison Covid 19 is nothing and we will get through it.

Allows us to look forward getting back to and appreciating the good times more.

Time to listen to the doctors , nurses and governments advice, we need to work collectively. Not to rebel, complain or to panic.

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