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Compliance & Risk Skill Sets In Supply Chain Recruitment Demand

A global supply chain trend RJM is noticing is a shift towards the importance employers are placing on compliance and risk assessment candidate skill sets. While such disciplines hardly seem fashionable they are definitely sought after and in trend across the 2022 global supply chain talent market

Previously it was quite normal for department managers of supply chain businesses to collectively discuss and assess compliance and risk assessment. This would result in taking a bare minimum and often reactive approach when unexpected situations in the supply chain occurred. Now due to hard lessons taught to us by the global pandemic over the last 2 years it seems compliance and risk assessments are no longer seen as a box ticking ‘lets get this out of the way and get back to some real work”. Many supply chain businesses are now placing more investment in their recruitment plans and seeking official compliance and risk assessment professionals to spearhead company’s best practice in these areas.

2nd and 3rd tier suppliers are being put through qualification processes where as only 2-3 years ago it was quite common not to even know the name of your. Contingency plans are being designed to promote supply chain robustness and agility and "what if" scenarios are being drilled for future detrimental events. Such approaches require the right mindsets and to be spearheaded by a professional passionate about compliance and risk.

Frequent supply chain breakdowns have occurred often that could have been mitigated more effectively if contingency plans had been in place and ready to use. Previously supply chain risk and breakdowns were associated with natural disaster that man has no control over including earth quakes , floods and storms to name a few. Today as seen is quite the opposite.

If you are a compliance professional working with employees and stakeholders to educate them through compliance for the long term health and prosperity of your employer RJM would love to hear from you. You may have worked in business verticals including healthcare, pharmaceutical, medical devices or other batch production related industries that often create complex supply chains. You may not necessarily be a supply chain expert or worked in this domain but are interested to add expertise and enhance your career.

Reach out to Robert to discuss how a solid compliance and risk assessment background in the supply chain industry can create a fantastic and rewarding career

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