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China Candidate of the week – Finance Leasing Crane & Construction Equipment Experienced

Currently our team are representing a portfolio of pre-screened China candidate with Trade Finance and Premium Equipment Leasing skill sets in the China and international heavy equipment industry.

Please see below.

Candidate ZR_286

  • Bachelor Degree Holder

  • Occupied the role in Trade Finance leasing for a Chinese crane manufacturer for 6 years

  • The candidate has 6 years overseas experience creating financial leasing for customers purchasing concrete pumps, Mobile and Tower cranes.

  • Native Mandarin speaker, fluent English language ability

Day to day responsibilities experienced in construction equipment leasing:

The candidate occupied the role in Financial Leasing for xxxxxxxxx Group from 2008 to 2014. The candidate has more than 10 years of financial leasing experience in the construction equipment industry. This includes 6 years of living and working experience in Brisbane , Australia where the candidate set up the leasing business from scratch. The candidate has more than 2 years of financial leasing equipment experience in Mainland China. The candidate achieved over RMB 70 M in financial leasing deals over a period of 3 years purely from scratch. This included building a customer base comprising of 30 accounts. This can be considered as a good achievement due to the fact the project was started from ground zero and the Australia market is small and highly regulated.


The candidate thrives on supporting sales teams and meeting them collectively with customers to learn about their loan and financial requirements. In addition, the candidate is motivated to build and create new projects, businesses from scratch as was the case when he worked for xxxxxxxx Group in Australia for 6 years. He also has a passion for working in heavy/construction equipment as he did when he worked at xxxxxxxx which was an industry he very much enjoyed working in.

To learn more about how these candidates can add value to your business and to see an RJM candidate profile please reach out to Robert Maguire on

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