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China & Singapore Metals & Mining Consultancy Candidates of the Week

Currently our team is representing a portfolio of pre-screened candidates with client facing, analytic and research skill sets within the metals, mining commodities and energy sectors.

Please see below their summaries


· Bachelor of Public Business Management

· 10+ years’ experience in market research and metals analysis covering battery metals- lithium, cobalt, nickel, cadmium and the related market of lithium-ion battery

· Does demand and supply analysis, pricings, and weekly reports for the global market

· Publishes articles and stories regarding the battery market

· Presented at conferences in Shanghai in 2018 and 2019

· Client facing experience- Visiting suppliers and battery producers for meetings, talking to different market players every day

· Fluent English ability

· Based in Beijing


· Master of Science in Energy Engineering

· Bachelor of Science in Mining Engineering

· EV metals and base metals analyst who came from a mining engineering background

· Worked directly at project sites for both metallic and non-metallic projects

· Does cost and production modelling for base metals such as copper, cobalt, aluminium and precious metals such as platinum group metals

· Publishes reports on supply and demand of the battery metals like lithium, cobalt with a special focus on nickel; as well as on the lithium batteries itself

· Market: APAC, Africa, Europe, America, Latin Americas

· Published numerous insightful researches on base metals on cost and production analysis on Global Stripping Ratios and South African Gold Mine Closures

· Represents the company in client meetings, webinars, seminars and programs

· Involved in applied research projects

· Was promoted to a supervisor role 10 months into his first job

· Was given the role of lead auditor despite being the youngest in the company

· Based in Singapore

To learn more about how our candidates can add value to your business and to see their RJM candidate profiles, please reach out to Sheila on

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