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Candidates Job Hunting During Covid Should Take Note of the Following……….

Candidates Interested to Job Hunt During Covid Should Take Note of the Following……….

Our team have advised candidates throughout Covid on how to interview for exciting career opportunities. Candidate concerns have surfaced so we are addressing this on our company blog to advise, reassure and support our candidates:

There are great career opportunities in the market and hiring needs of our clients are definitely on the increase. However, unlike pre-covid there is much more vagueness concerning job descriptions and important information such as job titles, performance expectations, salary budgets, reporting lines and many more. The challenge is candidates have to deal with “moving targets” and are not sure about what they are aiming for or what they should say during an interview. Candidates are always asking for full job descriptions but the truth is rarely do we have them. Therefore, in many situation’s candidates have to “improvise” and “work without a map” when preparing and attending interviews. Our clients in 2021 have proven they are serious about recruitment and have immediate needs. However, this is being conducted in a way where positions are tailor made and designed for candidates more so than ever before.

Some suggestions for candidates from RJM…

Be Prepared to Answer Baseline Questions:

Current or previous day to day role and responsibilities.

Career promotions achieved, when and how.

Top 2 key strengths demonstrated during your career.

Communication style.

The type of future career opportunity that would motivate you

Why considering a career move?

Be prepared on how to answer the question regarding salary expectations

Have you read the company’s website and broadly considered how you can add value? Write down your key points and take to the interview

BE comfortable with not being able to study or tick boxes off a job description (at least in the first few rounds of interview)

It Will All Come Together In the End:

Using our team as a communication channel we will clarify and negotiate where appropriate on criteria that is so important for our candidates. This allows them to know where they stand and to make a decision should they receive an offer of employment. We are finding this is taking place throughout the interview process and confirmed at the end allowing clients and candidates to commit to each other with clarity. These will include but not limited to …

Job Title.


Performance expectations and timeframes and potential bonuses.

Support systems available.

Future career development and exposure.

Management style of reporting line.

Company culture.

What Are Our Supply Chain Client’s Common Candidate Skillsets/ Experience Preferences in 2021:

Third -Party Logistics including Contract Logistics, Ecommerce, Parcel Express, Warehouse Automation. Sales Hunting or Business Development Experienced.

Business Developing new customers in non-traditional ways embracing technology and online platforms

Using Innovation and discussing new ideas but having the will to implement them

Thinking outside of the box and not inside the status quo.

Energy and fast pace approach to work

To discuss the above and to allow us to offer support during interviews please reach out to Robert Maguire – Founder – RJM ,

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