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Baseline Interview Questions Candidates Should Always Ask

Baseline interview questions you should always ask to allow you to qualify a client's business and discussed role directly for yourself should be as follows:

  • Why is the role open ?

  • How you would you describe this organization's culture ?

  • How you would you describe the reporting line's management style?

  • What types of personalities and candidate skillsets fit well into this organization and are most valued?

  • Performance wise, what is expected from the successful candidate inside the first 3, 6 , 9 and 12 months ? What would a great performance look like?

  • In your opinion what is the hardest part of the role the successful candidate will face?

It is a great idea to write these 5 base line interview questions down along with other questions and take to the interview with to allow yourself to take some notes. This is a simple yet highly underrated interview technique few candidates use.

Available to discuss in detail anytime should you have an interview coming up. More interview tips coming from us very soon so stay tuned in :)

Here are several career opportunities we are currently working on:

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