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Attitudes To Supply Chain & Warehouse Business Automation...How Times Are Changing

Traditionally supply chain and warehouse businesses have avoided automation and taken a low tech approach. Employees have managed operations themselves. Automation and technology installations take serious investment both from a time and money point of view and until very recently has been seen as "a hassle we can do without ..if it isn't broke don't fix it" mentality.

However due to the challenges Covid has presented to how supply chains can be run companies have been forced into the non-traditional. Social distancing, employee health and safety , delays, economic shut downs and many more factors have made it impossible to continue running a supply chain business with the status quo. Now more than ever before if supply chain businesses do not automate, innovate, embrace technology and change they will not survive.

Interested to discuss how our candidates can spearhead supply chain and warehouse change for the future or if you are a candidate that has experience in this field and open to discussing please reach out to Robert, Founder & MD - mmm m

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