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A Message for Third Party Logistics Commercial Professionals

Our RJM team are holding daily discussions with supply chain and logistics Third Party professionals dedicating their careers to disciplines including sales, key account management & business development.

Our team have learnt of concerns third party logistic commercial candidates face when deciding on their next career step. These can include engaging in a sales hunting only role where personal sales targets are unrealistic. Not stretched or challenging but just unrealistic. Candidates have also mentioned to RJM they are often just hired to make “cold calls” and "break the ice" with a potential customer and then pass onto another department. This is where interesting work begins such as designing products and solutions with the customer only the sales candidate will have limited if any involvement.

There are also concerns for individual contributing sales candidates in the third-party logistics industry that go into a company solo and then learn they have very little support from other departments. Departments such as operations, customer services, sales and marketing and many more must work in sync and support each other. Therefore culture, teamwork and support are fundamental considerations for a third-party logistics commercial candidate to consider before moving. Due to the fact a team effort is required to develop new customer accounts successfully the last place a third-party logistics candidate wants to find themselves is in isolation and facing unrealistic sales targets alone. RJM hears such stories during our candidate interviews all too often. We are here to help and advise candidates regarding the above…

Currently we are working with a number of clients in the market to identify and attract Third Party logistics sales professionals:

  • MNC global third-party logistics players

  • Realistic sales targets set with management and team support. These are set with flexibility and are clear.

  • Exact ratio of sales hunting/key account management established during interview

  • Sales hunters stay as the key contact and are actively involved and spearhead customer logistic projects often for several years after developing.

  • Exposure to end to end supply chain and logistics projects and representing a full suite of products and services to name a few, warehousing, distribution, ocean, air freight, inbound and ecommerce

  • Culture is in alignment with clear organizational values

Reach out to learn more to allow us to address your concerns as you only get one career so we are here to assist …

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