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A message for 180 degree recruiters...Growth is Key !

A short message for those recruiters working in a 180 degree only role i.e. the candidate side of recruitment. This is a really important role that requires specific skillsets such as research, communication, profile writing, relationship building and more. Even so, playing a 180 degree only role in today's global market will not be enough and make you vulnerable to becoming surplus to requirements and managed out of recruitment businesses. Emphasis on growth will be required now more than ever.

Firstly different recruitment firms have different structures and roles that individuals inside the company play. Naturally I am commenting only on the structures I have experienced over 14 years of recruitment experience in the Asian markets.

The recruitment market is becoming an even tighter arena , only the fittest will survive and that requires full 360 degree execution. Key account managers and 180 degree recruiters in my opinion are not designed for tough markets. Sales hunters and 360 degree recruiters are. The later are generally proactive, looking for business and ways they can serve, the former are generally reactive and dependent on being fed projects. Key account departments across the world in multiple industries are being wiped out at this time due to Covid-19 and other global challenges affecting the global economy. So if you are an experienced and successful 180 degree recruiter, my advise is upgrade yourself to developing and serving clients DIRECTLY. Your candidate expertise and market knowledge will only compliment playing a 360 degree role. This will allow you to grow and build relationships on both sides namely clients and candidates and will protect you ahead of tougher times and tighter markets. Don't rely on having client accounts handed over to you , develop your own independently.

If you are new to recruitment and inside your first few years insist on being given reign to develop new clients if not already. Learn how. Take responsibility for developing new skillsets. The situations we have experienced in 2019/2020 such as the trade war, Hong Kong protests and now Covid-19 will not carry 180 degree recruiters. It makes me think of kids coming out of university and going straight into a career in recruitment. Many if not all are given a 180 degree role and highly dependent on their reporting lines to give them roles to work on. In certain situations and personalities it makes sense but to compare my experience in Beijing all rookies were put straight into 360 degree role - no questions asked. Training and support were of high quality and ever present (I have Antal International to thank for this).Not only has developing these skills helped me today but I remember feeling a massive sense of achievement both then and now. Going into work with calls to make and being able to speak and serve both clients and candidates gave me a sense purpose. I had lots of activities to look forward to. Today I see kids run down and lacking energy , looking for candidate CVs is the end of their involvement on an assignment and in addition they lack feedback from their line managers - no wonder many lack motivation! They are easily dispensable, and lacking a sense of achievement to fuel energy levels. Therefore I feel sorry for them and realize how grateful I should be for the opportunities I had when I was their age. Perhaps a push into a 360 degree role can solve this and protect them from future market challenges. It will be uncomfortable and challenging but is necessary.

Final message is , develop your own clients and show both clients and candidates value. Don't rely on a recruitment firms big or small to get in your way. Testing times are ahead but so are opportunities and


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